Nov 18, 2011

Welcomed at High School

A lot has happened on Thursday.

There was an incident this morning.
After giving his morning medicine, Hajime's face turned white.
I noticed while I was applying Vaseline on his lips, he looked light-headed.
I called my husband right away and checked Hajime's blood pressure which was 83/57 no matter how many times we checked. We called the nurse and she asked us to raise his body gradually.
We raised Hajime's body while we prepared for a school bus to his high school.

That’s right. He went to his high school today.
Hajimes friend, Kevyn planned everything.

A city bus was arranged by Joan and came by at 11 am.

It was quite challenging to move Hajime to his wheel chair as he hasn't used it since he came home.
His legs were no longer able to stand. I realized it was so much tougher without him being able to stand..

It took us a while to put Hajime in his wheel chair and onto a bus to go to his school.

At school Hajime's friends were waiting for him.

I was so moved and brought tears in my eyes.
Hajime is loved by so many people.

We came home around 11:20 am after spending three hours or so at school.
He seemed to have enjoyed very much.

Later his condition got worsened. We had to use tulake many times in addition to cough assist to make him feel better.

After that, we had a Social worker and a nurse from the palliative care team for a long visit.

It was pretty hectic, but such a memorable and wonderful day.

Thank you god.

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