Nov 3, 2011

How precious friends are

Today, Tammy came to see us for assistance.

We can rely on her very much as she gets used to the things around here, such as giving medicine and helping with aspiration.

Hajime looked tired somewhat today, as he couldn’t sleep well last night. Since he had been in hospital life for 5 months, it may take some time to accommodate himself to living at home. Nevertheless, he became energized as his younger brother, Ryo, would come back home at 3pm and his friends would come to play the game together this evening. I did realize that friends were so precious.

We received the air mattress, arranged by the nurse in Palliative-Care. I wondered how to set it up in the Hajime’s bed but would rather wait for the nurse comes back tomorrow.

I am going to ask the doctor & the nurse various things when they visit us tomorrow.

Translated by RM and YM

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