Nov 14, 2011

In his bed

The kids have been out of school since last Friday. Hajime is happy that he can play games with them and talk to them.

His conditions,

We stopped the stomach medicine as he has been having loose stools lately.
Looks like he has some kind of infection that makes his secretions not looking very good.
He is prescribed an antibiotics to take for the next seven days.

I am a little concerned as he is not very energetic.
I hope to see his smile soon.

We also did our first tulake replacement since he came home from the hospital.
Hajime was not really up to it, as he can see his blood and it is not easy.

After that, Mark came and it made Hajime feel much better.

Sometimes, we have no visitors all day and on some days visitors coming in non-stop.
Hajime is loved by so many people.
I really appreciate them.

Lately, Hajime is very scared of going to sleep at night as he thinks he may never wake up.
It really hurts me every time he tells me what is going on his mind.

I also tried to lie down in Hajime's bed today(reckless right?).
I actually felt so relaxed.
What I noticed was the smell and the noise.
The smell is rather strong as Hajime has an infection.
I realized he is lying down in this smell the whole time.
He does not seem to be bothered by the smell so much, though.
And the sound of the equipment like a breathing device.
It would be nice to rest without all the noise.

It would be wonderful if he could live a normal life.

I am encouraged so much by watching Hajime working very hard every day.

(Translated by Yoko B.)

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