Nov 23, 2011

God with Hajime

The condition of PC has not been very good,
and it has repeated getting crashed again and again for several days.
It hasn't recovered completely yet, but we are letting it run
at the safe mode.

Last Thursday when we visitied high school,
we took some photos together.
We found a very interesting photo among them.
You can see a sunlight there
and the sunlight is shining Hajime.

Alice, Mark's mother told me.
When I see closely, it is clear that the sunlight
is falling on where Hajime is.
It's such a nice photo and it moved me a lot.

"Hajime is with God"
This word still impresses me.

Hajime has been calm all the time.
As for the infection, it seems the medicine is working.
Both the smell and the color seem okay.
Hajime looks somewhat fine.
But these days, he has often had toilet accidents.
I guess he has to use diaper before long.
It must be shocking for an 18-year-old boy,
but my husband and I think it's better for him
because he doesn't have to worry about incontinence.

The muscle hasn't stopped declining,
and it is getting unable to move gradually.
When I change sheets,
I could do it with Hajime's help,
but recently we cannot do it anymore.

From now on, it's up to our stamina.
There are some things I cannot do all by myself,
and in those times,
I feel guilty as a mother.
Though I am his mother, what am I saying?
I have to hang in there more!!

Translated by YT

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