Nov 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

My PC has stopped working completely.
I need to save at least the data on the hard disc as I don't have any backed up data.

Today is a Thanksgiving day in America.
My husband is off today and we are all here together with Hajime.
It is the happiest thing.
Hajime taught us that happiness like this is right by you.

We received a lot of Thanksgiving food from everyone today.
It was so great.
Thank you so much everybody.

We had a nurse from pallative care yesterday and Hajime was telling that something wrong with his mouth.
We take care of his mouth in the morning and at night, but his mouth is becoming hard to open.
His pillow needs to be adjusted, but is has been difficult to clean his tongue. Looks like an infection on his tongue may be the cause. Hope it will not get any worse as it could be very dangerous for Hajime.

Also, we changed the nutrition volume that Stella instructed us from 375ml X 5 times + 240ml water to 5 cans per day. However, it may be too much of a change and we decided on 6.5 cans a day.
No more feeding at night.
But, his toilet needs at night has not changed.
What is most important is Hajime's well being, so we will adjust accordingly.

(Translated by Yoko B.)

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  1. I'm glad you were all together for the day and enjoyed you're time . My daughter said Hajime visited the high school , everyone was so happy to see him ! I saw the signs and balloons , he must have been so happy !! Lydia