Nov 2, 2011

The long-awaited day, Discharge from hospital

Finally, I got a time to sit at my desk and update the blog on PC.

Although I wanted to update the diary/ the blog of the day Hajime was discharged from hospital right away, I had no time at all and made myself really busy by working up until 2am. Now I got relieved as my husband does in turns.

Well, let me get started by telling you about the day Hajime left hospital.

On 31st, I went ahead to the hospital right after I dropped off my kids at the school in the morning. By the time I arrived, Hajime already took a shower and cleaned up to make him ready for leave.

Then, he said good-bye to nurses and therapists, which is the sad thing to do. Among others, leaving from Pamela is very sad. She came to see Hajime in the morning, even though she worked all thought the night before. We are so happy to see her. She always took care of Hajime well, and also worries about us, the family, as well. I will definitely keep in touch with her from now on too.

Also, it was sad to part from Diana, Caseworker, who helped us all the time. She was very professional and we really respect her for the way she worked. She is also the one who always looked after us and worried about. We would like to stay in touch with her as well.

We are grateful to meet such nice people.

At the time Hajime was hospitalized, the things were pretty mess and hard to manage…
We came into conflict with Nurses and wondered what to do when Hajime was in low spirits…
However, we can now think it was good to come here. We learned a lot and experienced.
We do appreciate for people at the hospital and all the support provided to our family.

It was after 11:00am that we left the hospital. Both Hajime and I were transported by the ambulance but I had to be in the assistant driver’s seat and couldn’t stay with Hajime.  

We arrived home right after 12:00pm! Finally, we came back home together!

I couldn’t stop shedding tears… I was so happy as I waited very anxiously for this day.

Around 1:00pm, Nurse, Tammy, visited us. She is the one who is going to take care of us from now, even for a short while. Stu helped us as well. After then, firemen came to see us. It is important to know each other for just in case something happens to Hajime. They all looked “cool” (to me)!

Then, RT and friends came by and it was the busy night.

Well, it was a busy day of discharge from hospital.

Translated by RM and YM

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