Nov 6, 2011

Hajime is doing fine!

Because I cannot always stay with PC, it is difficult to update the blog everyday and as much as I hope. It is easier to do that on the mobile phone though...

Even though Hajime’s condition is fine, I am still worried about secretion getting discolored (to yellow) and giving stench.

On Thursday morning, Kaiser sent the doctor and the nurse to check him up. Due to a large amount of secretion, they recommended to use the patch, which is the same one we previously used. We decided to make a try and put it not only behind the ear but also in the upper body.

Around 3pm, the social worker came and helped us with the Medi-Cal application/ paper work.

We were lucky and passed the state-program (In-Home Operation). We hope to go through the Medi-Cal application too. I went to the post office and mailed on Saturday.

Allison (from the church) and Nicole came to see us with the “Welcome Home!” poster. Although it is too big to put on the wall where Hajime can see, he was very pleased.
I thank you all very much!

Then, Steve brought a picture and gave an explanation. Next day, on Friday, Mark came to see Hajime. Hajime is very pleased to see many friends almost everyday.

I would like to see his friends keep visiting us as seeing friends becomes the Hajime’s energy source and encourages him a lot.

Translated by RM and YM

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