Sep 6, 2012

An Urgent Phone Call But No Response

Hajime's nose has been very runny again since yesterday and it is green.
He has had a low grade fever all day today.  I am worried.
And there is a lot of secretion from his trache.

I'm guessing that he probably has another infection...
A fever and runny nose...That means it's probably a cold.
Tomorrow is Mary's day to come so I'm planning to talk to her about it.

The other day, I posted an entry called "The Respirator Malfunction".  When the respirator malfunctioned and Hajime was having trouble, we put in a call to the 24- hour palliative care hotline.  But no one picked up.  It went to voicemail, so I had to leave message.  I waited for a call back, but no one called, not even the next day.

Palliative care is in the same group as hospice care, so I don't understand how they can't respond to an urgent call.
What happens if the patient is in danger of dying during that time?
There was no call for two whole days.  It's supposed to be a 24-hour hotline...
Then we called Kaiser's member service number.
I think that they will call in a few days, but I was very discouraged because they're supposed to be a team that treats life and death situations.

When we had a problem with the respirator, we called the emergency number of the company that is in charge of the respirators.  They came right away even though it was a day off, and they followed up.  The kind of responses we get at this company varies a lot from person to person but that day, it happened to be someone named Jeff.  He is very good.  He came to check on the respirator often.  We felt relieved because he came right away to bring a replacement respirator.

If we hadn't been able to get in touch with anyone, I wonder what the situation would have been now?  I get scared just thinking about it.

I hope the palliative care team will look into why this happened and take care of it.

(translated by MS)

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