Sep 11, 2012

Let's Meet Again

The ALS doctor from Japan with whom we've gotten close came to visit us with his wife, a professional opera singer. It was their last visit before returning to Japan.

When I think back, our friendship all started from him seeing my blog and sending me a message.  Since that time, he has come to our house three times.  SNS is amazing, isn't it?  I had never imagined that I would meet someone like him.  I truly think that it was a good thing to have started this blog.

There are differences between Japan and America with respect to ALS.  I have learned so much from him.
He has given us advice about treatments, listened to us share our fears, and taught us about many things, including devices to connect with the outside world.
He is also the same age as my husband, so we enjoyed being able to talk about all kinds of things.

And his wife is a wonderful opera singer!  She sang beautifully for Hajime.  I was deeply moved because I have never been to an opera before, and I never thought I would be able to hear it live.

They will be going back to Japan, but we will keep in touch.  I look forward to seeing them again.
The ALS research is progressing well, so I am excited about that.

Thank you very much for all that you did for my son and our family.
I wrote about this in my blog before, but Dr. Homma, who is an acquaintance of Dr. Hirai, made a device for Hajime.
My husband made it simpler and smaller so that he could use it right away.  I'm hoping that he'll be able to use it more and more.

Dr. Honma, Dr. Hirai, thank you so much!

(translated by MS)

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