Sep 26, 2012

His Fever Won't Go Down

He has had a fever since Sunday night.
And he just finished his antibiotics on Friday.
I am very worried.

He had a Botox appointment today so we went to Kaiser about 11:00 am.
The parking lot at Kaiser was full.  We couldn't find any parking except valet parking.  I found out for the first time that, I could use valet parking even with a wheelchair van. (I should've known...)

Since last night, Hajime was shaking with fear.
I thought that the Botox treatment must be quite painful.
He was crying this morning.  I felt so sorry for him that I started to tear up too.
I think that today's procedure at Kaiser must have really been painful because it actually caused some bleeding. Hajime's eyes were red from crying.
But if we don't have this done every three months, he keeps producing we'll have to do this again in three months.

Next we had an appointment at 1:00 with the doctor.
We have a primary palliative doctor who is in charge of Hajime, but it's usually a resident who sees him.
It's too bad that the doctor keeps changing after just a short time.
We had a new resident today too.

This doctor seemed a bit stern...I hope it will be OK...

If Hajime's fever persists, they will take a sample of his secretions.
I pray that his fever will go down soon.

(translated by MS)

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