Sep 16, 2012


Today, there was a surprising incidence.
I wrote a while ago that the day shift caregiver going to quite.  Until a new caregiver comes, she was still working for a short time. (Up to 3pm so she can pick up her child.) Finally, from this Monday a male caregiver start his shift and the previous caregiver moved her shift to weekend.

Today was her first time to work for the weekend. However she got angry and left her work. We notice that the way she take care Hajime was not we have intended so my husband try to explain to correct it.
When we do Hajime’s trache care, we use hydroperoxide diluted with water to sterilize but somehow she was never using hydorperoxide. This is very important to sterilize and prevent infection…

It may sound very minor detail from other but as a parents, it matter our son’s life so just wanted to correct it. However, she argued that this is how I have been taught. She said, “I’m going home” and actually left while we were arguing about this.
After that, caregiver agency called us, and agreed our claim because it was actually written in our care plan instructions. They decide to terminate her from Hajime’s care.

We were arguing in front of Hajime so he should have a hard time emotionally.
It was very sad incidence who are responsible for someone’s life arguing in front of their patient.

(translted by HM)

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