Aug 28, 2012

The End of Summer Vacation

Last Friday,  Allison, Taylor, and Lia came to visit Hajime.  They had gone on a missions trip to the Philippines.  They shared all kinds of pictures and talked about their trip.

I think that Hajime was happy to see his friends and our church pastor who he hadn't seen in a long time.

Then on Saturday, the following day, his friends from school, Michelle and Sara, came to visit. 

They brought cookies for Hajime.
(I think they did not know that Hajime wouldn't be able to eat them).

They came to see him before college started.  They told him, "We'll be back!"  Such friends are so important.  Hajime was so happy.

As for an update on Hajime's situation, the infections around his trache and (in his) stomach are clearing up well.  But I worry because it seems like something is always stuck in his trache, and the antibiotics just can't get rid of it.  As for his bedsores, I have been putting cream on them and keeping an eye on them, so I think they should be getting better little by little.
But it is very hard for him to move his eyes. In other words, it has gotten very hard to communicate with him.  I am anxious about the future.

(translated by MS)

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