Aug 14, 2012

Beautiful fraternal love

Yesterday, we had a power outage again.
Because our apartment is old or because this area has a problem, we have so often power outage. It directory matter to Hajime’s life, we need to consider widely for the solutions.

Even the power outage happen, the ventilator has an internal battery and we also have an oxygen tank, we could handle without a serious problem if the power outage won’t continue for a long time. The portable suction machine also has a battery so we could handle for a while as well.

This time, the power outage did not continue for a long time however it happened several times. Since we were not sure what is causing this, we decided to turn off the air conditioner and TV until the power become stable. Therefor, Hajime’s room becomes very hot. Hajime cannot tolerate a heat so we fanned Hajime with a hand.

Look at this photo. Fraternal love is beautiful.
They worked very hard for their brother.

Oh, well, but Ryo,,,

(translated by HM)

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