Aug 8, 2012

Temperature control

It’s been hot. How is everyone doing?

We keep the temperature in the house at 76 degrees at all times, as Hajime can’t take the heat.

However, his room gets hot with a window facing south. The drapes are not open all the way. I wish the A/C worked better in his room.  He often sweats at 76F, so the temperature is kept between 95 – 96F. In addition, we use a fan all day long. It is a must to have. The previous fan went broke in less than a year being overused. I hope this one will last a little longer. I wonder how much longer, being turned on all day long.

Hajime’s infection is getting better. I hope he will heal completely after a one week of drip. Stopping antibiotics makes me nervous about possible infection issues again.

We are keeping up the good health, washing hands and gargling not to catch a cold.

(Translated by YB)

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