Aug 5, 2012

He Has Gotten Much Better

Hajime's infection has gotten much better.
It looks like the antibiotics are taking effect.
Until only about three days ago, the color and odor of his secretion were not good, but now they are better, so I feel relieved.

The other day I heard news that a candidate for an ALS drug was found, so I posted on my blog and Facebook and I got the impression that each person has a different kind for thought on this news.

There are many ALS patients who are very happy to hear this news.  But there are also patients who would say,  "What? Ten years until it becomes a reality?" Indeed, ten years is a long time.
I want the new drug to be available to everyone right away, but the rest is up to God.

Our friend, Dr. Hirai, is also a part of this research.  It's wonderful, isn't it? I feel happy knowing him!

(translated by MS)

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