Aug 16, 2012

By the by...

A hot day continues. There is a huge temperature difference between outside and inside our house.
We found a rash recently on Hajime’s shoulder. Hajime says it is itchy so I assume it is sweating rash.  His skin is getting very sensitive. Maybe this caused when we had a power outage the other day.
We are trying to keep his room cool so he shouldn’t sweat. Mary will come tomorrow so we will ask for any medications or cream for this.

Anyway, his secretion is not good. There is odor and color is greenish… Right after we finish the antibiotics, this happened. It might be that it did not completely get rid of the infection… We cannot re-start right away so we have to keep eye on it and try to make clean and dry around his trach.

This make me very worry since this might indicate that antibiotics not working. Some kind of bacteria colonized. We also have to be very careful and keep hand washing.

By the by,,, (keep writing same word...)
day time nurse told us that she want to quit. We are soooooo disappointing.
Our mind is occupied with finding a new nurse, start over of training, and start over of communication with Hajime.
Although, this nurse had a problem anyway so maybe this is not that bad thing. Hopefully, next nurse will be more reserved person.

No end of worries...

(translated by HM)

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