Aug 1, 2012

A Few Days Have Passed Since the IV

It has been a few days since he had the IV.  Thankfully, his runny nose has stopped.  But his secretion is still light green and his respirator title volume is in the 400s and that is not very good.  It has been only a few days, so we will watch him for the next two weeks.

As for his stomach, we've been taking measurements in the afternoons. There was over 200 ml left in his stomach, so we stopped his feeding. We are now feeding him twice a day.
Hajime says he is not hungry, so I think it's OK.

His bowel movements are irregular.  Sometimes he has them and sometimes he doesn't, and even when he does, it has been like diarrhea. When he is given antibiotics, there are sometimes side effects with his other functions.  They may be destroying the necessary bacteria in his stomach.  Mary told us all these things.

The thing we must be most careful about is an infection. Figuring out the right amount of medication to treat his symptoms is very difficult.

Lately, I tend to feel depressed, maybe because I haven't been going out.
When I'm at home, I start thinking about all kinds of things.  I remember when Hajime was healthy and start crying.
I'm such a weak person.

(translated by MS)

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