Aug 2, 2012

Great news for ALS

My friend told me big news about progress on ALS research.

"Researchers Take Big Step Toward Cure For ALS"
/ NIKKEI news

Yesterday, we were just happened to talk about Hajime whether “he can really able to cure?” with my husband and Ryo.
Today, I heard this big news. I felt like God was listening us.

This progress may lead to accelerate the research on ALS.
I ran to Hajime and tell about this news. Hajime was responded by blinking his eye.

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. We are so blessed that we can cerebrate such a day with all together.
This both things made my day and make me cry.

(translated by HM & HM)

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  1. Stumbled upon your videos and this blog, it's really really sad to see Hajime suffering from this disease, he is so young! Stay strong and live life to the fullest! I think for communications have you ever though of using the device that Stephen Hawking (and quite a lot of other people) uses? I think it's a small dot attached to a small muscle that he can still control, just with a slight twitch he will be able to control the computer...unless he has no more controllable muscles...

    Stay strong and God bless. I will pray for you<3