Aug 25, 2012

Everyone's Support

The other day I talked about my state of mind on Facebook and I received many messages of encouragement and support.

I have been trying not to let my emotions show in front of Hajime and my family, because then everyone would worry.  But as I continue to do that, I have been pushing my feelings down deeper inside my heart and now I feel like I'm just a shell of myself.
But the friends that I have been seeing are precious.  They know how I'm feeling and invite me out.  That's why I can keep going!

I have received many warm messages such as,  "I'm cheering for you",  "We're here for you",  "Let me know if I can help you". It makes me truly happy.
I very rarely leave the house because I'm taking care of Hajime, so I often feel like I am alone.
That's why I start to tear up when I think of all these people who are cheering my family on.

Thank you so much, everyone!

(translated by MS)

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