Jul 2, 2012

Wonderful pastors

On Friday, Rev. Sasaki, Rev. Fuchino and Syoko came to our house to pray for Hajime. They come to pray Hajime several times already.

They always pray so nicely and heal our sprite. Every time they pray, I could feel God closely. Miracle will happen, I can tell myself to believe.
Thanks unto God for his grace.

This time they brought a keyboard and sang a song for Hajime. Their voices are like angles. The music they sang was the music Hajime was listening. Hajime was concentrating to the music. He liked it very much.

It will be nice if they could come more often but they are busy so I thought I should sing for Hajime. I should get the lyric from them.
I’m a bit nervous because last times I’ve sing a song for my son, as Mother was probably when he was baby.

Thank you so much to the prayer and music!

(translated by HM)

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