Jul 14, 2012


Hajime has had a runny nose with green secretion since the beginning of this week.  It's been so heavy that if we don't suction it, it almost overflows.
And there is quite a bit of secretion around his trache.  It is light green in color and it does not smell good, either.
The other day, I was worried because he had a little fever and he wasn't feeling too well, but his fever is down today and he is back to normal.

It was Mary's day to visit yesterday, but she is on vacation, so a different nurse came to check on Hajime.

She was concerned about his runny nose and fever, so she contacted the doctor and was told to give Hajime antibiotics.
She is not Hajime's regular nurse, and the doctor also just changed, so since they both do not know Hajime's situation very well, we decided that we should wait and talk to Mary before we do anything.

I hope that this infection doesn't turn into something more serious...

(translated by MS)

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