Jul 4, 2012

It's Nice to Be Young...

Hajime's school friends came to visit him for the first time in a while.
We are really grateful to them for thinking of Hajime , even after their graduation.

I think they talked a lot about God.
And they read the Bible to him...
The energy of young people is wonderful!
I feel like he got a lot of energy from them.
Happy faces are the best!!
I think they are coming again next week, so we are looking forward to that.

It looks like the infection around Hajime's G-tube has cleared up very nicely, so I am relieved.
They also changed his feeding limit from over 100 to over 200.  (Before, they used to stop his feeding when he has a residual in his stomach over 100ml, but they've changed that to over 200ml).  Now we're able to do his feeding without taking as many breaks.

Things are being resolved one by one, so I am very relieved.

But I am still worried because the secretion around his trache area is still green.
I will continue to keep an eye on it so that it does not become a serious problem.

(translated by MS)

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