Jul 27, 2012

His Eyelids Won't Close

Recently, when I'm having a conversation with Hajime, there are many times that he doesn't respond. Until now, I had wondered why he didn't answer me.
Yesterday, I finally asked him, "Why don't you answer me?"

As it turns out, it seems that it has gotten very difficult for him to close his eyelids on his own.
I immediately thought that the muscles to close his eyelids must have gotten weaker.
When I told him to try to close his eyelids, he could not close them or respond in any way.
Even when he blinks, his eyelids just close partway.
Maybe that is why he always looks teary-eyed.

I had heard that the eyeball muscles would not be affected, but I think his eyeball muscles are also getting weaker.
Before, Hajime would look up to indicate "no", but even that was hard for him to do.
He seemed very frustrated at not being able to say yes or no.  He was crying but the tears would flow with his eyes open.

It made me realize again that the illness is progressing.
It was a shock.

Please take a look at this picture.

You can see how his leg muscles have deteriorated.

When you compare both legs, you can easily see how his left leg muscles are deteriorating.

When muscles atrophy, they become thin like this.

I truly hope that a new drug will be available soon.
He will get better!  For sure!

(translated by MS)

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