Jul 17, 2012

Runny nose, saliva, secretion

There has been an increasing amount of secretion that often soiled his pillow.

In addition, his runny nose is turned green. It had to vacuumed out and also the excessive saliva and the secretion around the tulake need to be cleaned out. It has been like this for the last two days.

Hajime must be the one who is suffering the most not being able to tell us. It has been challenging to prevent it from happening even though I check frequently.

When he was in a hospital, there was a catheter attached to his tulake and it was taped to his chest which worked pretty well. We may be better to do that way again.

I wonder that other ALS patients are coping with this situation?

It is important to take care of Hajime’s saliva as he seems to have more than others.

I know that it is important to communicate with other ALS patients, but not being able to do so yet...

(translated by Yoko)

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