Jul 20, 2012

Do We Worry Too Much?

His nose has stopped running since yesterday.
But I'm concerned because he's had a low grade fever the past few days but only in the mornings.
I think some infection must be causing it.

...but, as if to dispel any worries,  Mary told us at her last visit, "Oh, that's no problem! Just let me know if his fever goes above 101."

Regarding the increased secretion around his trache, she said, "Be diligent about changing his gauze and always keep the area dry."

When I told her that the top number of his blood pressure was a little low, she said, "That's totally fine."

Well, if Mary says it's OK, then it must be OK.  We tend to overreact, so I think we make a big deal out of everything.  We will do as Mary says because we trust her.

The same girls came to visit today.  They also brought some beautiful flowers.
We took pictures with the flowers!

Lia, Helen, Catherine, thank you so much for everything!

(translated by MS)

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