Jul 8, 2012

Name on the Board

On the Fourth of July, Hajime's name appeared on the board at the Rose Bowl.

It was only for about three seconds, but Marilynne had paid and arranged to have this message put up on the board like this. We are so grateful to her for always supporting Hajime.

There have still been several times when the amount of food left in his stomach is over 200 ml, so he can't have all of his 4 cans of nutrition per day. We are supposed to watch and see for awhile, but I pray that he will go back to normal soon.  It looks like he has a bowel movement every other day. The new medication is very strong, so it's been hard to adjust, but we will just wait and see how he does with the current amount of feeding.

Ashley came to visit on Thursday, the 5th.  She came to say goodbye because she was leaving LA the following day.  
(I regret that I forgot to take goodbye pictures with her).
She had come to visit Hajime several times when he was in the hospital and then several more times after he came home. She would always read the Bible to him.  We deeply appreciate her kindness.
I hope that as she goes on with her life, Hajime's fight for life will be a source of encouragement for her too.

Ashley, thank you so much!

(Translated by MS)

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