Jul 29, 2012

Summer Musical

For four days from July 25 to 28,  the church put on a musical and Hajime's younger brother Ryo was in it.

The summer musical is an annual tradition at our church, the First United Church of Pasadena. Many people participate in it. There are rehearsals every day and they really go all out.

Hajime used to be in this musical every year too.
He started to participate in the musicals as soon as he joined the youth group.  He really enjoyed the daily rehearsals and worked very hard at the singing and dancing.

Hajime was crying as he watched the video of Ryo performing in the musical.  I think he must have mixed feelings about it.
Every year, the musicals gave him a reason to live!   I think he will never forget the excitement of working with everyone on one project and seeing it through to the end.

But I also think that no one will forget what Hajime contributed to the musical every year, and that will remain in everyone's hearts.

One day you'll be able to be in a musical like this again!
Hang in there, Hajime!

(translated by MS)

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