Jul 22, 2012

Conveying His Thoughts

The device for Hajime arrived from Dr. Hirai's colleague.
The device uses Hajime's eyes.  He puts on something like glasses and when he looks at the light on the device, it will make a sound.

We put them on Hajime right away, and we tried them out.

If you look at this picture, you will see the red dot on the right. When he looks at this, it will make a sound.

I thought the frame might bother him, but he said it doesn't, so that's good.

It would help if the buzzer goes on when Hajime wants something from us.  We are all hoping for so much.  If everything had been left to us, we would have been having a hard time and we would have been unable to make any progress, but this is all thanks to Dr. Hirai.  Thank you, Dr. Hirai!

My husband is thinking if he connects this device to the other communication device called tobii, maybe he could change it to "scan mode" and then be able to input letters. 

This device was rented before, but a new, improved model arrived so I think we can use it in different ways.  I understand that you can use it for Facebook and YouTube...

This will open up so many possibilities for Hajime!

It's important not to give up and to keep moving forward.

(translated by MS)

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  1. That is a neat device:) Please tell Hajime hey for me!