Mar 25, 2012

On Hajime's Bed

Little by little, Hajime has been trying to get used to Mint , and yesterday Mint lay down at Hajime's feet...

It looked as if Hajime was feeling ticklish when Mint was licking his feet, but it also felt nice and warm with Mint touching his feet.

After that, Mint lay sprawled out on top of Hajime's stomach.
Looking at that just made me smile.

Whenever I give Hajime his medications, Mint waits like a good boy on the sofa. Hajime is always watching Mint and yesterday when Mint was waiting as usual, I think he might have said to me, "Can you bring him over?"

It seems Mint now understands that he must be gentle with Hajime. Poodles are smart, aren't they?

(translated by MS)

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