Mar 17, 2012

Bedsore Problems

I noticed it yesterday when I was giving him a bed bath, and after Mary examined him, we learned that it was Stage 2.

I discovered that the bedsores around his buttocks area had opened. I realized that that was why he had recently been asking me to put more air in his mattress.
I had been moving his legs to the left and to the right, back and forth, quite often, but I had not been putting a pillow under his bottom every two hours, so maybe that's what caused it. Or, maybe I had scratched his skin when I pulled away his bed pan (the pan we put under his bottom when he needs to do No. 2).
Either way, I must be more careful from now on.

She also told me about his nails.
She said that his nails were too long, so I should at least cut the corners for him. To tell the truth, the skin underneath his nails have started to expand, so every time that I cut Hajime's nails, it hurts him. Because of that, I was always afraid to cut his nails and I neglected to do it.

Everything was my fault, so I was really disgusted with myself.
I should be taking better care of him. I am shocked at what a terrible mother I am!
They are both serious problems...

But, I will do better from today!
I've been telling myself quite a bit....You've got to take care of him right!

(Translated by MS)

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