Mar 28, 2012

I Feel Uplifted

If you will allow me, today I would like to talk about myself.

Last Saturday, I had a "mind session" with a gentleman named Kazuhiko Maruyama who was here from Japan.

He has a blog named "Journey to Melt Away the Clouds of Your Mind", and he also started a treatment center for the mind called "Karakoko Treatment Center".
Through his sessions, he helps the client learn to accept and love himself by digging deep into his memories from childhood and look at them in a new way to deal with his emotional problems.
Mr. Maruyama was able to sympathize with me and understand that I was always trying to suppress my emotions because I did not want to let out my feelings about Hajime's condition. When I met him, my tears flowed so naturally because I really felt like he understood me.
I had decided to have this session with him so that I could learn to be more honest about Hajime.

Through this session, I was able to go back to my childhood and confront the feelings of pity I had for myself.
I was able to learn to love myself, so this was an extremely important time for me.
Hajime has become even more sensitive to my feelings than he was before.
There is nothing better than me being able to accept myself and then reveal my feelings to Hajime with honesty...because Hajime, more than anyone, wants me to smile freely.

Mr. Maruyama, thank you.

(translated by MS)

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  1. Glad you had a good visit with him. Hajime needs you to be strong:) Hopefully, ya'll have gotten outside together like the Japan ALS doctor recommended. Tell Hajime hey for me! ~Judy