Mar 1, 2012

Looking for your support/ fund-raising

We just designed Pen & T-shirts with Hajime’s smiling face printed for fund-raising.

T-Shirts is available at $10ea and we have 3 sizes, M, L and LX.
The pen is offered at $5ea.

Mr. Tetsuya Kawaguchi, an illustrator, drew this. I think Hajime’s smiling face is well-illustrated.

We also accept the donation by “PayPal” and “Check”.

Please send your “PayPal” to
Please send your “Check” can be sent to the following address:
     Hiromasa Miyasaka
     1107 Fair Oaks Ave. #160
     South Pasadena, CA

Thank you very much for always being kind and supportive.
Please feel free to send us the message.

(Translated by YM & RM)

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