Mar 10, 2012

I Was Able to Relax!

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day.
First of all, we had a Botox appointment in the morning, so we went to Kaiser on Sunset. Just like the last time, a male doctor named Dr. Chang was in charge. It is an extremely specific procedure and he gave Hajime injections in two places again. The last time it went very well, so I am really hopeful about this time too.
I was very happy that Hajime felt very little pain and that he needed injections in only two places.
This time, I was able to borrow my friend's minivan which is specially designed for wheelchairs, but on the way to the appointment, the wheelchair unlocked and moved. I panicked, but I drew from my "mother's strength" and successfully avoided a big problem. But, thanks to all that, my muscles are sore today!
I felt sorry for Hajime to make him scared, but I am glad that we were able to get home safely.

Later, three of my friends came to visit Hajime.

Toru, Luke, and Akemi are really sweet friends, and they brought gifts for Hajime and my other children too. Among them was aroma oil for Hajime and a device that emits scents with ultrasonic waves. It smelled so good in the house. Hajime is always sensitive to odors and noises, so I thought this was a very good gift for him.

And, he also got a massage, so it looked like he was able to really relax. Watching him, we were able to relax too. Toru is a pilot, and Luke and Akemi own a spa called "Rirakuen". I was so happy that such busy people would take the time to come to our house to visit Hajime.
Thank you all for a wonderful time. Please come again!

After that, Mary came for a checkup.
She said that the color and odor of Hajime's recent secretions were not good, so she took back a sample. She said she would submit it for testing.
There was an area around the trach where his skin had cracked, so we had been putting cream on it and keeping an eye on it, and it has gotten much better.
And, it looks like his bedsores are completely healed, so the only area of concern now is the redness around the heels of his feet. We were told that we needed to support his legs with a pillow and keep his heels up above the bed as much as possible. And, since it seems he has been gaining a little weight, she will adjust his feeding amount. On the other hand, we do not want him to lose too much weight, either, because he may get bedsores, so we will have to adjust with that in mind too.

It was a busy day but a very happy day...

(translated by MS)

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