Mar 3, 2012

In the hands of God

 Lately, I often look back when Hajime is doing fine,, and always make me cry. Nothing goanna help looking back but I’m just keep asking “Why?”.
Hajime must thinking same way and asking “Why to me?” to himself too.

I sometime even feel sad hearing about other families go out for vacation or such…

I know that God is always with Hajime but seeing in the reality what happening to Hajime, I just can’t stop asking “Why to him?”

Few days ago, one of a visitor told us an interesting story. When she touches to Hajime, she can saw a vision. The vision was around Hajime there are so many greens and beautiful natures, and many animals were surrounded him.

Hajime might already see something like a heaven. So many people coincidentally told us that Hajime is close to God.
Because so, I know I just need to give my heart to the Lord.
I tend to see just what is in front of me but I just need to give my worries to the Lord.

Everything is happening in the hand of God.

( Translated by HM )

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