Mar 6, 2012

Ankle’s Range of Motion

Hajime is losing muscular strength day by day.

Now he cannot even move and exercise his ankles much. Because of this inactivity, his ankles are getting stiff and it is imperative to keep moving around. Otherwise, they will be further fixed… Everyday, we try to move his ankles and muscular around. Hajime cannot push the call-button by himself because of this and we are thinking about the alternative way.

Also, his mouth forms more saliva. We have an appointment for Botox for this coming Thursday. The Botox is supposed to reduce saliva. Just a little more patience.

Hajime is taking more juice lately, and I think his belly becomes somewhat fat. Because the nurse, Mary, told that there was no worry about and he could keep taking juice, we don’t take this serious and just follow. Nevertheless, it becomes harder to take care of as his weight grows. I am going to ask Doctor when he visits us later today.

We will have the interview this evening. At the church we go, there will be the Zamba event for fund-raising for MDA’s ALS Division. She is the one of the members to plan and coordinate the event. We will have the interview with Hajime and hope we, as the ALS patient, can be helpful somewhat.

(Translated by YM & RM)

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