Mar 12, 2012

Mint Arrives

Mint finally arrived at our house.
Hajime and I waited expectantly at home, while the rest of my family went to go pick him up at the breeder's house less than two hours away, arriving there about noon.

I hope he gets used to Hajime right away, but he walked back and forth on top of Hajime, biting on his trache and sniffing around. It was his first time, so I guess it could not have been helped, but I was glad to see that Hajime liked him.

I am thinking we should put something with steps next to the bed so that Mint can get up to Hajime by himself. We couldn't find anything that worked, but little by little we'll get everything set up.

Mint is not housebroken yet, so we're having a hard time right now. During the day, I'm home by myself taking care of Mint on top of caring for Hajime, but I'm managing somehow. After I give Hajime his medications, I take Mint out to the backyard for his "business".

The past few days, Hajime has been losing muscle strength, so he has been unable to call for us. He can barely push the call light that my husband made for him.. There have been a few times when we did not notice that Hajime had been trying to call us, and when we looked, we saw that his eyes were filled with tears.
It would be nice if Mint could learn to call us for Hajime.

We're going to have to work hard at training Mint!

(Translated by MS)


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