Mar 21, 2012

Movie marathon

Hajime got a nice gift from our church friend, Connie. She gave Hajime Netflix subscription of unlimited streaming for three month including four DVDs rentals. Thank you so much. Since Sunday, Hajime watched so many movies.
There are also many Japanese Anime titles (of course in English) so Hajime enjoys those Anime (Macros) as well as actions and Sci-Fi movies.
I was very impressed that he know so many movies that I don’t know. (or maybe I just don’t know at all,,,)

We choose a movie through his eye movement. Since there are so many movies, it is a lengthy work to find out the one he wants to watch. Although, if we can find the movie he wants to watch, it is nothing to me.

While he watches the movies, we put the pillow underneath for the protection of bedsores. I think it is helping a bit.
We are putting a bandage but those adhesive part sticks to the skin and that seems to hurt him. Well,,, nurse says this should work so I’m hoping it will heal soon.
He had similar things when he was at the hospital. Those adhesive are too strong and when he moves or use bedpan, it stick to those. Actually I don’t like it. Especially, when we remove it, it hurt him so much. I’ll ask Mary next time she visits.

I need to seek more info about eye gaze but since I’m with Mist, I don’t have time to sit down in front of PC now. If somebody knows anything, please let me know.

(translated by HM)


  1. Hey, it's me again. You can go to the ALS forums and ask questions about the eye gaze. There are plenty of knowledgeable people there. Please tell Hajime hey for me, and I hope he has a blessed and wonderful Easter:) ~Judy

  2. Hi Judy! Thank you for your great information. Yes we need more researching for Eye Gaze system. I hope you have a wonderful Easter too!