Apr 14, 2012

Where Mint Likes to Relax

Recently, when we have been busy with housework or something, I don't know if it's because Mint feels lonely, but he has been on Hajime's bed.

Just today, Mint was quietly resting and waiting on Hajime's bed while I was doing the laundry.
When I asked Hajime, "Has Mint done anything bad?" he  answered, "No."  When I asked, "Are you OK?" he said, "Yes."  I think Mint knows that he needs to be gentle with Hajime.

Maybe it won't be long before Mint will come to tell us when Hajime needs us...(or am I getting ahead of myself?)

Lately Hajime has been staying up late.  He's still asleep today too.  (9:30 am)
But as I look at  him sleeping so comfortably, I can't help but smile.

I wonder what kind of dream he's having...

As I was writing this......
I just gave Hajime his medication and even during that time, Mint was waiting by Hajime's feet like a good boy.

But, after that, Hajime was crying.
When I asked why, I think he said it was because he wanted to hold Mint with his own arms.
He wants to show his affection for Mint...I think he really feels that.
I said,"Well, one day you will be able to take care of him."
There was nothing else I could say.
That is the sad reality.

Hajime really loves Mint.

(translated by MS)

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