Apr 11, 2012

First email in a while

Today was a day nurse Mary comes. We discussed about a medication we recently started to give Hajime to help him awake during the daytime. Somehow, when I give this medication, Hajime fall into sleep at the morning more. We decided to increase a dose from tomorrow. If it did not help within 4 days, we will increase more and so on. Hajime actually does not like this medication so I will keep eye on him to see how it is working.

His bedsore is now completely healed. His leg and elbow are both got well.

His skin is very dry so I need to keep giving him Vaseline. Because of the dry climate of this area, we have to take care his skin, eyes and noses.

Recently his bowels movement is getting more regular. However maybe because of too much medication it is too soft. We will reduce Miralax.

My husband is now upgrading the Hajime’s nurse call with touch sensor type. He cannot press the switch anymore.
Last night, he made a prototype and let Hajime use it. First thing he used with this touch sensor was to read his email. He was reading the email from the Church youth group. His heart is still with the youth group.

It is very important to prepare him something that he can communicate with outer world. I just can’t imagine how much he will gain from this. We need to setup his computer so that he can use again ASAP.

Keep up, daddy.

(translated by HM)

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  1. He is very smart to come up with these great devices for Hajime! Tell Hajime hi for me:)