Apr 6, 2012

I Wonder If He Understood My English

My children's spring vacation will be over in a few days.
Until yesterday, my husband and my other two children were away, so it was just Hajime, Mint, and me. We didn't have any problems, so that was good.

Today, the doctor came to examine Hajime.
We talked about all kinds of things and when I told him that I didn't think the new medication that he had started him on was helping much, he said that it would take a week to take effect so we should wait a bit and see.
He also said that the medication dosage for his secretions was too much, so he cut back on the medication called Rubinol.
Right now, Hajime already got a Votox and a radiation treatment, so we will watch him for awhile.
His secretions are a little green, but they have been green for about a month now, so the doctor said he would discuss this with the primary doctor.

Recently, there was blood in Hajime's stool (on the surface), so when the nurse came to visit last week, I asked her about it. She told me to contact her if it continued until the following Monday. His stool was a little hard, so she said he should change to a medication called Miralax, twice a day, morning and night.
I hope this helps him a little.

These past few weeks, Hajime has needed to go just when he's having a bed bath, so I always give him a suppository and he goes, but I've thought it would be nice if he could wait just a little. Jamie, who gives him his bed bath, does wait for him to finish, but I know she has another patient so I fell a bit bad about that.

It seems to me that Hajime is gaining weight little by little. Every week when Mary comes, she measures around his waist, and every week, he is the same 28 inches. But I think his face and stomach look a little fuller, so she decreased his nutrition drink from 4 1/2 cans to 4 cans. Besides this, Hajime is also "drinking" his favorite juice, so she said the 4 cans was good.

She said that the fungal cream would be good to put on the skin around his trache, so I will do that and see how it goes.

My husband was not home today for the doctor's visit, so I was worried that my English would sound like nonsense, but I gave it my best. I wonder if the doctor understood me.

(translated by MS)

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