Apr 4, 2012

Bessy's visit

It's been awhile. It is already April.
In Japan, it is a beginning of a new school year. Spring makes me happy somehow.

As for Hajime, his eye mucus has gotten worse. Not sure that it has something to do with dried eyes.
When it's bad, he can't open his eyes. We will follow up while using eye drops.

Also, the secretion has increased in the tube called kamule in Japan. The viscosity is not too thick but I am concerned that the secretion may cause low respiratory volume. Once it gets low, there will be no going back.

Yesterday, we found a bleeding near the trach. I hope it will not be serious as I applied the medication.

There was a project at the church last Saturday called HEIFER PROJECT. They delivered wood carved cows to every family for donations. Hajime got one today.

Who showed the most interest in the cow? It was Mint.
I am filled with appreciation for the people from the church who care about Hajime so much.
Thank you very much.

Translated by Yoko B.

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