Apr 19, 2012

Infection Again

We had someone from the wheelchair company to make adjustments to Hajime’s wheel chair yesterday.

He lowered the foot rest as Hajime cannot bend his knees.

He also straightened the neck support and head rest which were a bit off the center.

It takes a long time to put Hajime in his wheel chair, so we decided to have the adjustments without Hajime in it. Hopefully, he will be more comfortable in his wheel chair.

We had a bed bath today and Hajime told us that there was something strange going on in his head. His head felt hazy, but felt nervous at the same time. His doctor was not found right away, but he is scheduled to come on Thursday. I am wondering if it is caused by the new medication or his infection. Hope it is nothing serious.In the evening, Jim came over instead of Mary to check on Hajime.They found an infection from the secretion sample that we submitted the last time. When we changed the trach, there was something on it.It is bacteria they said. It has strong odor and the color does not look good. We don’t know why it was negative the last time. Hajime will be given antibiotics for the next 14days.I am so glad they found the infection.

Hajime’s bed sore started to worsen again. It is at stage 2. It is small about 5mm wide, we will apply an ointment with zinc to see if it will get better.

Translated by Yoko B.

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