Apr 23, 2012

His Hallucinations Stopped

The doctor examined Hajime on Thursday.

When I told him about Hajime's hallucinations, he said we should stop the medication immediately, and Hajime hasn't taken it since that day.
It seems those hallucinations have stopped and Hajime is less in a daze. Side effects to medications are scary, aren't they?

About Hajime's infections... he has a new medication for this latest infection, but if that doesn't work, he needs to take antibiotics through an IV.
In that case, he has to go to the hospital and receive an injection. I pray that this medication will work.

Since then, Hajime has been talking to me more (he responds yes or no to my questions) and he seems to have more energy.  I think he is happy to be able to talk to me about all kinds of things. It must not be too fun just watching TV all the time.

I have to work harder at talking with him more!

(translated by MS)

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  1. Tell Hajime hey for me:) I am so proud of your husband coming up with the newest device!! He is so smart.