Apr 20, 2012


Since Tuesday, Hajime had been complaining about how his head doesn't feel right.
We had a problem yesterday.

Hajime told me, "My head feels funny. Can you do something?" There was nothing I could do but say, "That's probably because of the medicine, so let's wait and see until the doctor comes again."  But Hajime was crying and complaining bitterly.

Before long I noticed that Hajime's eyes were darting back and forth all over the ceiling, so I asked, "Do  you see something?"
Hajime:   Yes.
Me:         Is that a person?
Hajime:   Yes.
Me:         Male?  Female?
Hajime    Female.
Me:          Does she look scary?
Hajime:   No (she looks calm.)
Me:          Is her hair long? short?
Hajime:   Short.
Me:          About how old is she?  Young? Middle-aged?
Hajime:   Middle-aged.
Hajime was able to see her clearly, but of course, we could not see anything at all.

It seems the medication that Hajime has been taking makes him hallucinate. My husband said we should stop this medication right away, so starting today, I will not give it to Hajime anymore.

In any event , the doctor is coming today, so I will talk to him...

(translated by MS)

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