Sep 14, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hajime’s conditions during these past few days,,,

His diarrhea still has not been recovered.
Poor Hajime, is suffering a lot.

Also, he is suffering with his eyes, and the white part of his right eye has become swollen, to the point where it outgrown his eye.
Yesterday, we had and eye examination by an ophthalmologist, but all he said was that since his left eye has recovered, his right eye will probably recover as well,,, I was like, “That’s all?”  I feel so sorry for Hajime.
Yet today, he is getting his brain CT scan, so as for now, we are waiting for the diagnosis.

Although his fever lowered and it has not been going up since, there has been an extreme fluctuation in his blood pressure and his heart rate.
This is a symptom well seen in ALS patients, so I want to take a careful notice at it.

His white blood cell counts are becoming normal, and his pneumonia is almost fully treated.  I am impressed by how hard he worked to hang on.
Let’s hope on Hajime’s recovery from here on!

(translated by RA)

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