Sep 4, 2013


Unfortunately, removing pneumonia during the bronchoscopy surgery failed yesterday. It turns out to be that there is an inflammation under the lung, and that the body’s self -defense substance was covering the tissue. Since that part was under the lung, and this time’s pneumonia was lower than that, the bronchoscope could not reach pneumonia because of that tissue.

For the next step, there is no other way than to give him antibiotics.
The plan is to give him antibiotics for about 4 to 6 weeks, but then that way, he has to take the CT scan and x-ray every other week.

Since we have to give him antibiotics, we have to change the midline to a PICC line. Midline could only last for a month, whereas PICC line holds for a year. He might go through that procedure.

When that is over, there is a possibility that he could be discharged from the hospital. Yet, that makes him being discharged from the hospital with pneumonia, which makes me really worry. It makes me deeply anxious when I think about the antibiotics not working.

In the end, we have to leave up all to Hajime’s vitality.
Good luck Hajime!

(translated by RA)

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