Sep 26, 2013


While Hajime was in the hospital, we had not been able to post to the blog, but Satoko also kindly took the time to come to LA all the way from Japan to see Hajime.

Satoko is the one who has been translating the Japanese blog to English, and since that time, we have become great friends.

Hajime would be in tears whenever Satoko came to visit him. The bracelet that Hajime has been wearing was a gift from Satoko, and we were thinking that their feelings have been connected through this special bracelet.

Although I had met her for the first time, it didn't feel like this was our first time meeting each other. Her visit really cheered me up. 

Satoko also took the time to show Hajime photographs from her visit to Israel. It was quite a memorable experience for me to observe Hajime taking quite an interest in looking through the photos. Around this time, Hajime was developing edema in his eyes, and he was not able to pay much attention to other things, but he paid close attention to the photographs that Satoko was showing him.

Satoko, I apologize for not be able to be so hospitable, but I was really happy that you came to see us. Thank you!

(Translated by JK)

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