Sep 3, 2013

Hajime’s update

Hajime seems to develop pneumonia. Doctors were planned to do bronchoscopy procedure yesterday (Sep 1) to suction a sample and clean out his lung. However, they found some abnormality on his pupils so procedure has been postponed and instead do the brain CT scan. His pupils were open wider than nominal and also show a slow response to a light. Fortunately, this brain CT scan result came back as normal.
I have learned that this kind of pupils problem sometime seen on ALS patients.

The bronchoscopy procedure is scheduled tomorrow (Sep 3). He will be sedated so it should be less stress on him. I just wish everything went smoothly.

Doctor told us that if they could identify better and to give more accurate antibiotics then we could communicate with Palliative care doctors to give them at home. I'm hoping that the discharge date is getting close.

(Translated by HM)


  1. I feel incredibly bad for Hajime. I have been studying this awful disease since I was nine, after I learned about Prof. Stephen Hawking. I wish you well, and please keep posting.

  2. What has become of Hajime. We haven't heard from you in a long time. Bless your family.