Sep 21, 2013

Unable to urinate

Hajime celebrated the second day after leaving the hospital. At times, we were convinced that we would not be able to return home together with Hajime, but this has been a true miracle. Hajime's hard work is truly amazing, and he makes us all proud.

Arriving back at home, he became unable to urinate on his own, and his urine was mixed with blood clots. He now has a folly catheter, but the urine output is quite little. We are quite alarmed by his much concentrated urine with a red tinged color. If he is experiencing dehydration, his heart rate would be much higher, but his heart rate is within a reasonable range. His blood pressure is little high, but this is not as much of a concern.
Regarding Hajime's eyes, his eyes are motionless, and we are unable to establish communication with him. However, we try our best not to miss any of his subtle eye movements to have some level of communications and to understand Hajime's various intentions while it is still possible.

After his discharge from the hospital, we were not able to give Hajime a good angle for his television viewing, but today Hajime had a very good posture, and we were able to have Hajime watch the movie Evangelion. Hajime was giving his best effort to keep his gaze down to watch the movie. After the movie, Hajime got to listen to a CD given by his Grandpa and Grandma Tajimi over and over again. Today was a great day for him with a little more activity. On that CD, there were many of Hajime's favorite songs, and this made my heart softened too.
Tomorrow, a new caregiver for the first time after leaving the hospital will be here. There is more care necessary than the previous level of care Hajime was receiving. We really hope that Hajime will be receiving a good level of care. His arm fracture included, we would like to see him cared for in a very gentle manner.

(translated by JK)

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