Mar 30, 2013

His Teeth Are Wearing Down

About his teeth...last time, the problem was that his teeth were starting to spread apart, but now his teeth are wearing down.

In the doctor's opinion, his teeth may be wearing down because they aren't being used, in the same way that bones become thinner if they're not used.

And, his bite is much more misaligned than before.

We must always keep his bed upright, and since he can't support his head, his teeth gets out of alignment.

They decided to wait and see and keep an eye on these two issues.

Until they find a treatment for ALS, I will always be anxious about what other problems may arise.

We can't do anything about his teeth until he sees a dentist.  And I wonder if there is anything we can do to prevent his teeth from wearing down.
We must remember to keep brushing his teeth to keep his gums strong.
I think we are being very diligent about his oral care but...

Are there any ALS patients with the same symptoms?  

(Translated by MS)

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